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“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.”
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Satheesh Valakom - Director Interviewed by raysandlights

You have played major part in home videos "Kusrithichathan" and Kuttipattalam" What are these movies about?

Kusrithichathan- Kusruthychathan is a simple fairytale entertainment story for kids with lots of fun and fantasy. The story depicts a strange happening in the life of 3 kids (Shambu, Kunjipennu and Appoos) who accidentally gets a small glowing ball. These Kids save the life of a kuttichathan, who was caged in the ball by an evil spirit. This project will be marketed by MC Vidoes in malayalam.

Kuttipattalam - The story is about a boy named Christy (son of a soldier), whom along with his friend Robin got kidnapped by terrorist. (in actual sense even though they play together, Rinil is jealous of Christy and always look for a way to have a foul play on Christy). Terrorist has taken both the boys to an island place where they are kept under custody of two fools (both claimed to be terrorist trainees). From there with lot of adventures and fun this boys escape from the location by fooling the terrorist.

Basically the story is a patriotic adventurous story with lot and lot of fun and suspense.
Even though the story is about kidnapping, terrorist and adventure, there is no violence in the movie.
Story and Screenplay for both the film is done by Anil Perumbalam. Binu Sasidharan our Creative Director has given me all the support for the creative aspects of the films, he is the back bone of all our projects.

  What is the arrangement of your team?

We are a small team of 15 members. Apart from me and Binu, our key Technical players are Satheesh Thempadath, Joshi Karukutty and Remikanth. Satheesh Thempadath takes cares of the lighting, textures and set design, Joshy heads the background design section. Remikanth works on voice casting and architectural props. Video editing work is done by Rajeesh K Thampi. Apart from these key resources we have professionals handling various other areas.

  More technical details about production and production style?

We are using Blender, Adobe photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Daz 3D, Reallusion Iclone, Toon Boom Studio, Google sketchup and lot other tools for our current productions. Our productions style is different compared to other studios. We follow our own style. We are using 2d backgrounds for most of our scenes, these backgrounds are blended with 3d characters.

  Other Future plans?

Currently we are in the final stage of film kuttipattalam (malayalam video film). From Mid January we will be starting our next video film. Story and screenplay are almost in its final stage. Other than animation we do web print, and interactive works for andoroid mobile devices, so lot other works are also handled here at a time.

What's the status of film Once Upon a time?

It was delayed a lot due to some technical issues, but now everything is OK.


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