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  25/06/09 - Cine Artists playing significant roles
Film personalities Salim Kumar, Mala Aravindan, Machan Varghese, Narayanankutty had lend their voices for the characters in this film. Salim Kumar and Mala Aravindan’s voice will be presented through Minister’s and Sage’s character respectively.
- Popular singer, has rendered the song ‘Kalikootukaran
Noted playback singer Sujatha lends her voice for one of the songs in the film.
06/04/09 -" Once Upon a Time " News Update

Noted Music Director Bijibal will be composing songs and Background Score for the Film.
04/04/09 - FX3 Production announces "Once Upon a Time"

FX3 Productions had registered title “"Once Upon a Time" for the underproduction film
15/03/09 – Official Release of Corporate Film

Vithugunam Noorugunam Released for Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council of Keralam. The film is directed by Deepak Menon.
1/10/08 – Contract for Production of Corporate Film
Wireframe bagged the contract for production of a corporate documentary film for Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam. The film will be shot in DV using SONY DSR 450.
16/05/08 – Association with VIPS International UK
FX3 Productions had associated with London based VIPS International for Production of 3D animated feature film. Wireframe Team had Interactions and discussion with representatives from VIPS International
30/04/08 – Project Plan

FX3 Productions plans to Launch Malayalam’s first 3D animated feature film to be released in May 2009.this film will be directed by Binu Sasidharan and Scripted by Anil Perumbalam. The Production will be executed at Wireframe studios.
17/04/08 - (The Hindu) "CID Moosa 2007" Released
- Get ready to watch the animated version of the hit Malayalam movie, CID Moosa.- Read More
31/03/07 - (The Hindu) `Animated `CID Moosa'-
Kids will get to see `CID Moosa' in an animated form soon-Read More
02/03/07 -(The Hindu) 'CID Moosa' in animation series-
The Aluva-based Wireframe Animations has woven the characters of the film into a series of stories for home theatre.-  Read More
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